Spray Rendering

Spray rendering is applicable in most commercial, industrial and domestic construction projects and is being used more and more in the industry. It’s not only highly cost effective, but it also saves time and as a by-product, costs less money."

Why people choose spray rendering?

  • Quicker execution, thus saving money on scaffolding and less disruption
  • Cheaper that traditional methods
  • Usually only requires one application
  • Spray rendering leaves a durable, low maintenance, high quality finish
  • Even coverage
  • Improved insulation

What our service includes


The level of preparation depends on the condition of the building area which will be rendered. There are several ways in which the building has to be prepared before receiving the top coat from one of the silicon based solutions.

If the building is painted

All loose and flaking paint is scraped or ground back before receiving a scratch coat of a quality base coat and fibre reinforcing mesh is applied prior to top coat being applied.

Pre-existing render or pebble dashing

Blown pebbledash or crumbling render is to be removed and the bare surface is washed down. As with painted surfaces, there is a scratch coat of a quality base coat and fibre reinforcing mesh is applied prior to top coat being applied.

Fixing corner & bellcast beads

U.P.V.C corner and bellcast beads are fixed to doors, windows and corners during or after the scratch coat is applied, thus leaving clean edges when the top coat is applied.

Scratch finish

After 2 to 36 hours a float known as a nail float is used in a tight circular motion leaving a rough uniform finish.

This process is not just exceptionally beautiful when applied professionally to a property but long lasting, as well as ensuring longevity and good condition to the wall surface beneath it.

There are many styles and types of surface conditioner and many examples can be seen in our workmanship and finished contracts. Preservation of Buildings walls against the elements is probably one of the most important elements of home improvement and corporate property investment areas you could show interest in.